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Character Art

now with 100% more character!

Character Art

In this section you’ll find all my character art! It’s pretty self explanatory.

Featuring Detective Inspector Toad

Cyberpunks X

Most people just ask me why, I ask why not?

Super Secret Project

Cyberpunk Portraits

A small sample of the cyberpunk character portraits I’ve made over the last four years.

Character Study

Old Man Cyrus

Turning a generic old man into a memorable character

Tattoos and Fibermesh
Making a Dictator

Cyborg Dictator-Un

“Oh you should model someone from real life! Oh! No! Why?”

A Dicta-torial

Portfolio Illustrator


Welcome to the Doodle Palace

I mean seriously, what else was I going to call the illustration section of my site?

Some of the best times of my life have come from doodles.

Here I’ve collected my favorites, including some ancient Cyberpunk Weekend pieces. Basically stuff that makes me happy that I like to show off.

Portfolio Illustrator

Game Art

Welcome to the Game Art Section!

Here you'll find a sampler of some of my favorite video game and traditional games I've worked on. Yay!

OH NO! IT'S...

BetaMaxx X!

This TTRPG features an epic space setting with an 80s aesthetic.

BetaMaxx Gallery

Spirits of Xanadu

What do you do when you’re asked to depict a formless mindbending alien?

Into the Unknown
Card Art

Trading Card Art

Trading card games, game art, basically just… art for cards. If I don’t put the description in here my template breaks so give me one!

Trading Card Art

Oregon Trajectory

This ain’t your grand-dad’s educational simulation.

Blast Off


Object Head Project

“Just make them all TV heads! That’s all I want!”

TV Heads!
That Orange Thing

Space Station Design

This is the thing that made me break down and start learning 3D.

So much orange

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Portfolio Illustrator


I make cyberpunk stuff.

Hey there! I'm a 2D/3D artist working on games and film. I've been at this for a while so I've tried to organize my works by art and time, so feel free to poke around for a while!

Art for Games

Game Art

This section has art I’ve done for indie videogames, traditional roleplaying games, cardgame art and more.

Game Art Gallery
Pretty Pictures


Telling stories without words. Well sometimes there ARE words, but you know what I mean.

Illustration Gallery
Welcome to

The World of Null

A place where cyborgs, arcane horrors and constellations fighting for control of the galaxy (not so peacefully) co-exist.

Go to the World of Null

Art of Characters

Character Art

Characters! Art! Really they’re just people but I can’t put EVERYTHING in the illustration section. It’d be unseemly.

Character Art Gallery
Painting with Light


The art of capturing the world before it captures you.

Under Construction

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