I built this website a couple of years ago, just as I started getting sick. I came back here recently because I’ve been able to work a little again and realized it’d been two years since I tried to get things up and running.

Two years is a long time.

In 2020, I caught COVID, and it was rough. After I recovered, I noticed my vision had changed a bit, but it was a lockdown, and I couldn’t see anyone until the end of the year. Softening of my right eye turned into double vision, trippy distortions that made letters and signs wave like flags and spin like tops. I have strange light shows and see static all the time, and the stuff in my right eye is smaller and appears left of the left eye’s vision. Though sometimes, I see things like cherry blossoms floating above the ground, and it’s downright beautiful, even if a little frightening.

Then earlier this year, I started getting frequent infections, and getting worn down. My hands do weird stuff, my body is just tired. And now I’m on that autoimmune diagnosis rollercoaster of hoping we can figure out what’s going on with that. Maybe it’s all interrelated; maybe it’s not. I’m not a doctor; I’ll let them figure that out.

It comes to a point where you accept that this may be the best it ever gets, and that’s okay.

I know I have to keep living, and if I gradually lose what I have, I’m going to make the most of it while I have it. And that means working on my Armed Memory characters.

Two years ago, before things got all wobbly with the eyes, I started working on some anthro cyberpunk characters inspired by a book I read as a teen: Armed Memory. Armed Memory is a sci-fi/biopunk thriller book that, in hindsight, isn’t the greatest work out there. But it did captivate my imagination when I was young. The premise is that people can use CRISPR technology to hack their genes to do all sorts of wonderful things, but most people use this tech to look like Marilyn Monroe or turn themselves into a horse person.

This gang of fanatics turns themselves into hammerhead sharks, terrorizing society. It’s all exciting (especially if you were a young teen in the early 2000s!), and this idea of a weird world where a guy that makes billions off making people look like stars from centuries past decides to take all that wealth and re-engineer humanity to be more altruistic, well, it sticks with you! I was fortunate enough to be able to recover some of the original character files I worked on a couple of years ago, and I’m really excited to get these done.

I know this is all a little weird (even by my standards, haha), but I hope someone out there appreciates them.

I also want to thank everyone who sent me mail over the last couple of of years. Unfortunately, I couldn’t respond to all of them, but knowing that the weirdness I put out there brought people joy really means a lot to me. I won’t be on Twitter as much in the future (I want to prioritize creating, and Twitter makes me sad),, but hopefully, I will post more regular updates here,. Also hoping to get my YouTube up and running soon as well, though we’ll see how that goes!

(PS my high-contrast settings make everything render weird in browsers so if things look strange PLEASE let me know!)