Who I Am

Years ago on the windswept planes of the Llano Estacado a chance encounter between a Circle K cashier and an automechanic with no impulse control spawned the finest digital kitbasher/painter/agoraphobe the world has and, by most accounts, will ever see.

Sunset Industries began as a strange experiment into cyberpunk art I did on the side between my regular work, a pressure valve that helped me stay sane. It’s transformed into hundreds of characters for games, The World of Null project and so much more, and who knows what’s yet to come of all this nuttery.

Instead of the usual “I’ve worked for so and so” and “I won this or that award”, I’m going to just close this out on a note of thanks for visiting my site, sending me encouraging words and most of all for supporting me by buying my cyberpunk tokens and maps, paintings, games and other things.

Honestly the fact that I can share all the crazy stuff in my head with others and some of them actually like it means the world to me. So thanks. Come find more of my nuttery in the links below!